To help kick-start your social life you'll get:

  • The monthly bulletin by email with details of the clubs events.
  • Access to the "last-minute" events mailing list.
  • Access to the members only area for access to our on-line database of events, the photographic assignment and blogging.
  • Affiliation to the Country wide organisation allowing you to attend events all over the country.


Applications for Membership are open to any adult, singles or couples (most of our members are 40+) and you can come along to some events to help ensure it is the right club for you before committing any money. It costs only £15 per year on the understanding that all members host a least 2 events each year.

We also ask that members host at least 2 events each year. Many members enjoy it and find they want to put on far more than 2 - it's a great way of getting some people together to do something you'd like to do!

Although we're sure you'll enjoy the activities and the social scene please do "try before you buy" - just send us an e-mail via our contact form.