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July Photo Assignment Doors and Windows - The Results

Smaller number at last nights critique and judging - but a great selection of shots. Some said it was the best ever month. Lots of debate on the shots particularly around the theme of what contributes to the story and how much should be removed by cropping or cloning. Also many shots suffered from very hard shadows as they were taken mid-day during summer!

In the judging there was a clear winner
Lamenting Youth by Heather

INC Photo Assignment, July Winner - Lamenting Youth

With Alan's "A Suffolk Scene" coming second.

IVC July Photo Assignment - A Suffolk Scene

Several shots tied for 3rd.

See all the entries at

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"Forsooth we shall partake of fine dining and entertainment"

"Harken ye here" sayeth Brian and Heather - "shall we not partake of some fine wines, meats breads, salads and cheese and then for the good spirt of thyne mind indulge in the intricacies of the "Taming of the Shrew" by that much applauded wordsmith Bill Shakespeare".

Yes said the merry band who then, hot footed, ajourned to the St John's college garden for the "fine dining picnic" and the same said play. The weather was also in good spirits after a rage that after noon and a fine performance was enjoyeth by all - including the crew of the helicopter!

Cambridgeshire IVC FIne dining picnic with Shakespeare

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Zip Wire + Other Fun Stuff!

Well it was an early start yesterday.  On the 07.44 to London Kings Cross, hopped on the Tube to Waterloo.  Google maps took us on a strange route to Archbishop's Park and the zip wire check in desk.  However, we made it bang on time and got ourselves togged up.  


Seemed like a thousand steps up to the launch platform with great views over London.  Then in groups of three off we went!  Weeeeeee! 


We then decided to walk back to Kings Cross since it was a lovely day and had a fabulous lunch at the German Gymnaseum Cafe, followed by a visit to the British Museum and then West End Show - 42nd Street which was excellent.  I checked my fit bit - all in all 26,780 steps and 2,713 calories burned!


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