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A Midsummer Night's extravaganza!

We do know how to picnic!  Got it off to a fine start.  Some of you might have thought that the event would be rained off last night.  Not at all.  Us hardened British folk soldiered on and managed to enjoy three hours of rain free event before the heavens opened up and the raineth cometh!

Excellent performance with a mischievous Puck roaming the crowds begging for food scraps.  She was fussy too - obviously alergic to nuts!



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Scrumptious at 22!

Another fine dining event at 22 Restaurant.  We had a lovely table, set in the middle of the elegant Victorian dining room.  Started the evening off with a glass of champagne (getting to be a bit of a tradition) then on to some rather lovely food and wine selected by Dave and Nick.

Check out my dessert - yum!


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It's Summer - BBQ, Croquet, Cucumber Sandwiches and Trains?!?!?

Jacky and Val managed to arrange some lovely weather for a their BBQ event on Sunday and about 30 of us took advantage.

Not only did we have the BBQ with requisite fine spread of salads to go with the burnt meat and deserts but we had fine Cucumber Sandwiches to accompany the Croquet (when we could work out the rules).

A great surprise was Ian's model railway, giving rides to a steady queue of takers.

Of course we had to employ the only official "railway person" we had to drive before he called in the union and had eveyone out on strike.

At least Alans driving was somewhat more controlled than Christines "waving hands in the air" style - you had to be there - fortunately Ian was on hand to stop the train before it went crashing through the fence.

All told a very pleasant afternoon/evening - and more to come...

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