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January Photo assignment - Movement - The Results

Missed the last train from Oriente stationA good crowd of interested people for the critique and judging of the January photographic assignment Movement last night. The submissions ranged from those capturing a frozen moment in time to those using panning and slow shutter speeds to deliberately blur parts of the image and hence and portray movement. Also great use of "negative space" type of classic device for many of the shots - and lets not mention the nearly nude models!

When it came to voting there was one clear winner: Missed the last train from Oriente Station by Heather

Don't forget the workshop "In my back yard" on Sunday 10th Feb - let Nick know if you intend to join us.

The assignment for February is very topical to celebrate valentines day - "Romance" - might just require a little thought to get creative.

Get your entries in at


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Haggis neaps, tatties, whisky and men in skirts

Men it skirts...How could we let Burns night go by without a proper celebration. Brenda, assisted by a few helpers put on a fine fayre and as can be seen from the photo our co-chairman got well into the "spirit" of things.

A great night for all.

Thanks Brenda

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Duck or Grouse???? The Russians are coming to Welney...

A small select band of us met at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre at Welney and after taking in fuel of coffee went over for the 12:00 o'clock swan feed - you've never seen so many swans in your life - mostly over from Siberia! These were punctuated by some more local ducks and geese. As always there was in interesting commentary telling us all about the birds.

Having seen the swans eat we had to but that charged us up to go along the bank and into the hides. All told a very pleasant afternoon.

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