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Chips and Dips - a winning formula!

Well FREE chips and dips was an absolute crowd pleaser.  We had 12 attend our Club night this evening including two new potential members.  The Castle Inn is a fab and welcoming pub in Cambridge on Castle Street - so easy to get to and you can park in the Council car park next door FREE.  Two things FREE this evening - watch this space, we may do it again!

The Pub Social meeting at Cambridgeshire IVC

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Oh What a Night...

What a night and what a venue, the Tudor Madingley Hall on the outskirts of Cambridge. 30+ IVC members and their guests joined some other groups for a marvellous evening to toast the Xmas season.Madingley - venue for Cambidgeshire IVC Social Club Xmas dinner and dance
By Michael Maggs (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

We gathered for a glass of sparkling wine in the upstairs lounge before taking our seats in the majestic main hall for a fine 3 course dinner. I think everyone agreed the starters were Masterchef Professional standard both in presentation and taste and the main courses ample enough even to satisfy Alan.

Dinner in Madingley Hall at the Cambridgeshire IVC Social Club Xmas Party

After deserts many of the IVC retired to the upstairs lounge for coffee and relaxing conversation with the occasional sojourn to the bar/disco for "a bop".

It seemed everyone was really pleased and had a very enjoyable evening - whatever your tastes.

The only problem is how to top it next year?

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The "Not the Pub Quiz"

This is almost becoming a tradition - a "pub" style quiz - but not in a Pub - just before Xmas.

17 of us gathered at Helens and split into 4 teams. Having picked names such as "The untouchables" and suitably festive "The Reindeers" Helen guided us through the 12 questions for Xmas - and yes we did have one answer for the first, two for the second, three for the third and so on right up to 12 for the final verbal question - and then a bonus picture round. Very well done it was too. Far less controversy than last year thankfully - and no mobile phones in sight.

A fun night was had by all - roll on next year.

and the winner... The untouchables.

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