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Highlands day 1

Arrived safely in Inverness.  Picked up hire car and drove alongside Loch Ness to Fort Augustus.  Quickly checked into our accommodation and walked down to the village to take a proper look.  Found a trio of monsters...

We then took to the road and had lunch at Fiddler's restaurant in Drumnadrochit - venison chilli, yum!  That gave us the energy and will power to take a look around the Nessie centre before getting back in the car and dropping by Urquhart Castle on the way home.


Heading back into the village later for dinner at the Bothy when we will discuss our plans for tomorrow.  Watch this space!

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Night train to the Highlands of Scotland

Well things got off to a great start - free bottle of Prosecco at Prezzo, Euston prior to boarding our night train to Inverness.


Then it was time to board the night train and enjoy drinks and a chat in the lounge coach.


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Freddie Hall and his Merry Band

Great music and dancing last night, thank you Dave!  We were able to enjoy the full Freddie Hall Band playing at the Med.  We heard some Soul, Motown and blues including 'feel the need in me', and 'dancing on the ceiling'.  If we could, I think we would!  Photos a bit dark and sorry Nick, they will not pass the 'in focus and two thirds rules'.  Anyhow, gives you a bit of an idea...


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