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The Big Weekend

On Friday night I invited members to join me on Parkers Piece for the annual Big weekend Party in the Park. Although few in number from IVC, it was a really excellent evening. The two principal bands were Doctor and the Medics [remember their rendition of Norman Greenbaum's Spirit in the Sky] and Kid Creol and the Coconuts. I enjoyed the latter best of all - they were really excellent.

There was a bumper audience due to the stunning weather, and all the usual food stalls and French Market etc. - If that is of no interest the people watching is great!

The finale at 2200 - a fantastic fireworks display which lit up the darkening Cambridge sky.

If you missed it- well see you at the the event in 2020. You missed a great evening.

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June Photo Assignment - Tell Me A Story - The Results

Well this one sorted the creatives out from the rest - a more limited set of entries (as expected, but some marvellous interpretations of the theme. People really were quite creative.

First place went to Val with her "Bungy Jump" sequence

Closely followed by Helens "Diversion".

Next weeks theme should be easy for everyone - "Oh I do like to be beside the seaside"

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