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Nicks Angels Save the World!!!

A small but highly dedicated team of "Nicks Angels" (cf Charlies Angels from the TV show of your youth) undertook the challenge to retrieve the antidote for evil Nicks Nickachock nerve agent and save the world. After solving various challenges ranging from jigsaw puzzles to word and number games and even a "mechanical" challenge the Antidote was retrieved and the team escaped evil Nick's compound and saved the world. Well done Nicks Angels!

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May Photo Assignment - Birds of a Feather - The Results

A good evening at the pub yesterday - seven people attended and we had a good discussion over some of the entries.

Nicks 'The Home Builder' robin picture came first with 3 votes

followed by Heather's 'Little Girl with Swans' on 2 votes

Tony's 'Attentive Parents' and Heather's 'Sharing my perch makes me grumpy' got 1 vote each.


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