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On Sunday 25th March, a potential new member, Kathy, and I went to the Beethoven concert at Trinity Chapel, held by the New Europe Society, for some beautiful, peaceful Schubert and Beethoven sonatas.  The interplay between forte piano (small but with a huge sound) and the violin was like watching two gleeful kids at play,uplifting and very skillful.  As we still felt like being in town, a quiet drink at the Mitre seemed a good idea after such a soothing and inspiring concert ... Ha !  little did we know we'd get hauled into a rambunctious (18 points)  Scrabble drive at the pub, ending the evening somewhat inder the unfluence and convinced we had 'done so well because of the affect of the music' - who knows; we're going to the next concert with New Europe anyway, at the end of April, Bach this time,  and aiming at Trivial Pursuits at the pub afterwards - coming?

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Fine dining at Hotel Felix

Well another splendid dining experience!  The food was excellent and beautifully presented - take a look:

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Book Swap

An excellent evening at The Castle Inn, last night. We had a well attended club night with the added interrest of a book swap. There was a good selection of books and £10 was raised for the club...................well done and thank you to those who attended.

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These Boots Are Made for Walking!

Excellent walk today from Newnham via Grantchester. 

Even had time to enjoy a scone and a cuppa at The Orchard.

The snowdrops are out which was a dlightful sight.



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Feb PhotoAssignment - Do it on your phone - Results

February's winner IVC photographic assignment  - Christmas Decoration by CarolineGood turn out of 11 members on our photo critique and judging meeting for a record breaking month with 36 entries. Generally great surprise at the quality of the images people obtained using their phones. As usual many images suffered from the problem of not turning the phone on it's side or not cropping the image later.

There was one clear winner when it came to the judging- Carolines "Christmas Decoration".

Lots of others got 1 vote vote no second or third place this month.

Topic for March is "Our Heritage"


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Curry night at the Raja

This was a great evening which started with drinks at 'Champion of The Thames'.  There were 7 of us - regulars and a new Meetup member.  Great opportunity to socialise and be part of the judging in Neil's quest to find the best Indian and Thai curry houses in Cambridge!The Search for the best curry house continues!

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Weather dodging on the Ely Photo Walk-Shop

What a stroke of luck - the weather held off for the Photographic Walk-shop in Ely today. Seven of us weren't put off and had a enjoyable walk around the cathedral precinct taking a few photos and concentrating on some technical tips to get the best out of our cameras.

An added bonus was that Penny & Val spotted entry to the Cathedral was free on Sundays so we spent quite a few minutes nabbing shots inside as well - all for free!

Ely Cathedral from Almonry gardenThe Octagonal tower in Ely Cathedral from the insideAfterwards we adjourned to a very nice tea room for some interesting teas to fight off the chill.

Hopefully people learnt a bit more about their cameras - this time many people had actually done the "home-work" which meant stuff I was talking about made some sense - I think/hope.

Looking forward to seeing the results in the Photo Assignments.

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The Spree - Rocked the night away!

What a great social event this turned out to be!  Not only were we able to welcome new Meetup members but it was a great opportunity to socialise with IVC ravers!  12 of us in the end.  The Spree played rock from the 50s to the 80s and hits like 'Rolling on the River' got us up on the dance floor.  Parking was easy too - jammy me managed to park right outside!  Thank you Dave - fab event with a great party atmosphereThe Spree providing the music at the Music Night.

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Visit to Chippenham Park

As a change from our usual visit to see the Autumn colours, a group of us took a lovely walk in Chippenham Park in Suffolk to see the Spring flowers, on one of its few opening days.

Chippenham Park on Cambridge IVC visit

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