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Freddie Hall and his Merry Band

Great music and dancing last night, thank you Dave!  We were able to enjoy the full Freddie Hall Band playing at the Med.  We heard some Soul, Motown and blues including 'feel the need in me', and 'dancing on the ceiling'.  If we could, I think we would!  Photos a bit dark and sorry Nick, they will not pass the 'in focus and two thirds rules'.  Anyhow, gives you a bit of an idea...


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Fine dining at The Olive Grove

Well another wonderful dinner date in exceptionally very good company!  The Olive Grove is a lovely family run restaurant.  Greek classics are the focus and we got off to a fine start with some sharing dips and pitta bread while we decided what to eat.  Oh, and a glass of champagne helped with the decision making process.  We were having such fun that we forgot to take a photo for the blog - until the end of the meal, so here it is!


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Saturday saw the culmination of the IVC Photographic assignments for 2016/2017 with the award of the IVC POTY - Photo(grapher) Of The Year. All 12 "winning" entries were reviewed and every attendee at the AGM picked their favourite.

It was a close run thing but a very well deserved first place went to Sarah for her opportunistic iPhone taken shot for November 2016 Cambridge assignment - Stranger than fiction - an eery portrayal of Addenbrookes with a great leading line of the guided busway.

Addenbrookes from Cambridge Guided Busway

Second place - only one vote behind was Alans beautiful Swallowtail butterfly - winner of Junes Animal Kingdom assignment.

Alans Swallowtail Butterfly

Members can review all the entries and past winners at


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Septembers Photo Assignment - The Results

Another month where the number of entries were disappointingly low for Septembers assignment "Hit me with your best shot" - only 12 from 6 photographers - but they didn't lack quality and you definitely seem to have taken on board the lessons of the last year.

It was another close thing in the judging but Nicks "These Streets" building on the Lines theme came out top
with Alan's "A lucky picture" finding an interesting subject for the Shadows and Devil in The Detail coming joint second with Tony's Lines inspired "The Curved Pier"

and Reflections based shot "Reflections of Autumn".

Remember the GRAND FINAL at the AGM party where the winning entries from the last 12 months will compete for the IVC POTY (Photo Of The Year). Even if you haven't won come along and vote for your favourite.

Octobers theme "The Great Outdoors" is designed to celebrate summer and remind of the good times as we approach winter. No restrictions on when your shot is taken this time.

Upload your photos at


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Freddie Hall at The Earl of Beaconsfield

Freddie has built an outstanding reputation for delivering the best of soul and he did not let us down last night!  It was a very cosy gathering, started off quite tame and then we all got up and boogied!  Thanks Dave - first of your events that I have attended.  Will be watching out for more!

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