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OMG - VERY Fine Dining Indeed!

Wow - amazing dinner date at Cotto.  We met for drinks in the lounge bar - couldn't resist a glass of champagne to start the evening with a bit of fizz and je ne sais quoi!  We were taken to our table to study the menu - most of us chose salt marsh lamb and it was delicious.  As you can see the desserts were a work of art and we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Don't miss out on '22 Restaurant', August 17th.

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The Codebreakers

A great turn out of 9 people for our visit to Bletchley Park, home of the war-time Station X where  the code-breakers such as Alan Turing broke the "Enigma" cipher used by the German Navy and in particular the U-Boat flotillas. Anyone who's seen the film "The Immitation Game" will know what I'm talking about. This work was thought to shorten WWII by 2-3 years saving thousands of lives.


Some great exhibits are on show including a mockup of a BOMBE used to crack the daily changing key used by Enigma.

Also on show is a restored and working Lorenz code (German High command cipher) breaking machine. Considered by some the first real computer.

The Museum of Computing is also here, so a real fest for all the techies and some of our group took the opportunity to visit that as well.

All told a really interesting day.

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It raineth forsooth!

Well thank you Brian for organising a lovely event to have a picnic and Pimms at the open air Shakespeare showing of 'much ado about nothing'.


As you can see from the pictures, it rained a bit. However, that did not dampen our enthusiasm at all. A glass or two of Prosecco soon put that right! In fact, the rain did clear up after a while. This was the first time I had seen a Shakespeare play and will certainly want to go again come rain or shine. Great fun!

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A fine evening of Petanque

The weather was glorious last night for a sociable fun evening chucking balls around at the Petanque in Histon. A great turn out of 11 people including a potential new member.

We formed some teams, sort of, made up some rules, sort of, and had a bit of fun. Technique was "interesting" to say the least; Mike with his shots attempting to go into orbit, Penny with her double handed punt but strangest of all was Brenda 's "run-up" - pawing the ground with her foot like a bull about to charge - even stranger was it seemed to work!

A fun evening making the best use of a glorious summers evening.

and who won? Who cares...


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The Summer BBQ

Subtitle: "The saga of the missing Ketchup"


"Anyone for a Roll?"

Fantastic BBQ last night – threatened bad weather held off and the sun came out later in the evening.
Great company and chat as always, with a fabulous playlist of your favourites for background music courtesy of Mr Disco himself - Roger.

The BBQs were fired up, without too much assistance from Mikes blow torch, and cooking commenced.
Some wonderful salads, veggy kebabs and desserts provided by the volunteers all went down well. But the Bread rolls was another story...
Conversation went something like this…
"OK, so there are 30 people coming tonight, right, so 36 bread rolls will just simply not be enough"  
"Really?"  I said.  
"Yes, really"  
"I'll go out and buy more because I'll want at least five to accompany my two burgers and three sausages and that’s just in the first hour, I'll probably want more later."  
"and where's the tomato sauce??? I’ve just got to have tomato sauce and no-one can find the bottle Sue bought! I'll get some of that as well."  
So, later that evening, 30 additional bread rolls appeared along with the largest bottle of tomato sauce you've ever seen.
And guess how many bread rolls were left at the end of the evening?  
That’s right, 30!! Ha ha. and where did the various bottles of Tomato sauce go... any clues, Alan?

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Cambridge Open Studios - 9th July

We had a fabulous day, thank you Brian!  Started with lunch at CB2 Restaurant Cafe, followed by a gentle stroll round the back streets of Cambridge, popping in and out of artist's houses to see their work.  I particularly liked John Tordoff's work.  He uses an interesting technique combining oils, mixed media (eg newspaper or magazine print) and oil pastels.  We visited the Cambridge Museum of technology and were very lucky to see the pump engine working.  This engine used to pump sewage from the city and was fuelled by burning household rubbish!  Finally we had tea at Cambridge Artworks studios.

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June Photo Assignment "The Animal Kingdom" - Results

Another great set of entries (30) from 10 photographers and a fun evening critiquing the shots. Almost everyone commented on how good the entries were.

Entries and comments are available at

In the voting there was one clear winner Alans - "Swallowtail Butterfly"

Two of Tony's entries picked up joint second.

Running Hare

and Goldfinches on Feeder

July's assignment is "The four Elements" - Earth, wind, fire and water - lets see how you can interpret that.

Get you entries in at

Critique/Judging should be on 1-Aug


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