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Summer Solstice Picnic with Style

The midsummer's evening sunset following a sociable relaxing picnic by the River Cam at Grantchester.  Whilst watching the sun go down the group of us spotted ducks trying to help themselves to our picnics. They were out of luck as we were hungry and there was no way the event host was letting them get into his smart picnic basket!

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Not quite fine dining but fab company!

Our June dining event was at The Pint Shop - the venue is great because the restaurant is divided up into small rooms providing a very cosy envirnoment.  There were nine of us.  It was a late night - left the restaurant at 11.00 pm - apologies to those folk who had to work the next day...  Service was very slow and the food not great, however we had lots of time for good conversation and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Some poor unsuspecting diner on the next table obliged by taking a photo of us all.  To be fair to The Pint Shop they gave us a big reduction on our bill, it was obviously an off night for them.


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A Game of Petanque

It was a beautiful and warm evening for the third year of petanque at the pub in Histon, but it was the first that I’d been able to get to, so I was looking forward to the game.  Half a dozen people, including hosts Val and Nick, were already there when I joined them at 8.30.  Once everyone had arrived we wandered over with our drinks to the fine gravel pitch which was next to the pub garden.


Nick sorted out two teams of two for the first game, then showed us techniques for bowling, and generally took us through the rules.  He showed us how to score by gathering round to agree on who had got closest to the little yellow guide ball, hence the picture of feet.  He refereed the first game and took part in the second.  Not everyone had had a turn by then, so we played a third game, by which time he felt we knew what we were doing and left us to it!

Petanque evening with IVC


From our jokes and comments, it seemed that everyone, more or less, felt the mix of wanting to cheer on our friends with wanting to do well and win.  We were all pretty equal in our lack of expertise, and it was a lovely way to get together.

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